Taping Service




Our taping service provides you with soft professional lighting, clean audio, and 1080p high-definition video. Additionally, we have three color backdrops to choose from: black, white, and blue. We also have a variety of lenses so we can get as wide or tight of an angle as you need.



Being actors and directors ourselves, we recognize that auditioning can be anxiety-inducing. We offer coaching to help make the audition process smooth and easy for the actor. We all have been on both sides of the camera and want to help actors reach their highest level of success. 



While filming your audition you will have the option to view each take and select your favorite ones. We will edit your desired takes into separate clips complete with fade-ins and fade-outs, and will deliver them to you via a dropbox link from which you can download them. 



$20 Per Session

  • includes coaching, edit and delivery.

$10 off every fifth audition

A free audition when you refer a friend